19 July 2006

Thursday, November 26: Thanksgiving

In the hospital, Dag is working on his computer and pulls up the hospital data list for heart transplants and discovers that he is next in line. He also looks up the record of Billie the kid and sees that she is next, but is failing fast. He edits the list and bumps her up ahead of him. When the doctor arrives to tell Dag that a heart donor has just been located and that they will be in to prep him shortly, Dag confides to the doctor that he is not next in line. The doctor says that Dag might not make it until the next one was available, but Dag says he’ll have to take his chances. The doctor agrees to take the little girl first. Dag sees her trundled past on her way to the operating room.

The FBI agent comes in to brief Dag on how the action went down after Dag passed out. It turns out that after 30 hours of attempting to save him, Bradley died from the gunshot wound when Dag broke through the window. The heart going into the kid is coming from Bradley.

Dag tries to pry out of the agent what the result was for the murder of Simon. He says they’ve booked the two guys from Chicago on it, but he is doubtful if it will hold. They are still no closer than they were at the start to finding out who the guy is behind the original money laundering. Dag asks about Brenda and Angel, but the agent says they both seem to be telling the truth and if Dag can’t come up with anything better they’d just go back to waiting patiently for something to break.

Riley brings Dag Thanksgiving Dinner. They discuss the next steps in Dag’s investigation. He tells Riley that he wants to see Brenda the next day, and even though Riley bristles at it, she agrees to get her into the hospital.

End Chapter Twenty-six


jason said...

Dag, Billie, and Bradley are all tissue-compatible? The odds on that are long enough to strain the credulity. Also, I thought that organ donations were typically anonymous? Wouldn't it be violating a bunch of protocol for the FBI agent to tell Dag this? Of course, the FBI agent isn't the doctor, so maybe he just doesn't care about medical protocol?

Jason said...

P.S. I always got the feeling that Billie was a fairly young child. And, if she's had a bum heart for however many years, odds are that she's small for her age. An adult heart may well not fit for her.