06 July 2006

Sunday, November 15: Snow Job

Dag is released from the hospital on condition that he fly directly back to Seattle and check in with his doctor. Riley gets him a flight that connects in Minneapolis because all direct flights from Chicago are full. Dag stops to purchase a new computer to set up on the flight. Dag settles in on the plane and spends the hour from Chicago to Minneapolis adding things up. The attack is too convenient to have been anything but a setup by the boss of I/E. Dag also begins to think that Brad set him up to be disposed of.

In the Minneapolis airport, Dag is waiting for his connecting flight. When it arrives from Seattle, he watches the arriving passengers get off before he can board. While sitting there, he sees Angel get off the plane and head for baggage claim. Dag immediately leaves the boarding area and follows Angel to baggage claim and then to a cab. He catches the next available cab and gives chase. When she gets out at the downtown Hilton, Dag looks for a convenient place nearby where he can keep an eye on where she goes. As he stakes out the lobby, he sees Simon come to meet her.

Dag calls Riley to tell her he won’t be back tonight after all, but he will need back-up. Riley is to let Brenda know that Dag has found Simon and that he will call her with details as soon as he has them.