03 July 2006

November 8: Witness for the Prosecution

The FBI agent appears and informs Dag that he now has a key role in an investigation that they are pursuing regarding gangland activity and money laundering. They want Dag to follow the trail and keep them informed. This is something he agrees to, with several wry comments about how he would keep them informed of anything that didn’t affect his client’s rights and privileges, etc. etc. Dag rests at home on Sunday, going over his options and the threat of a solicitation charge if he didn’t cooperate. He also tries to figure out who had attacked him. He sends Riley to find out more about Angel and to see what she could find out about the attack.

We follow Riley for the remainder of Sunday as she tracks down Angel and discovers that she has a “boyfriend” who is insanely jealous. Angel confides to Riley that she is afraid that the boyfriend might have done something to Simon and that he was the one who attacked Dag the night before. Angel is apparently afraid and is ready to run, but wants to be available if Simon calls for her to join him somewhere.


jason said...

I'm a little bothered with the departure from Dag's POV to Riley's. For one thing, it's jarring to the reader to switch like that, when the whole rest of the novel has been Dag-centric.

But for another thing, there's no suspense if we get to watch Deb gallavanting about. Wouldn't it be better to spend the pages a) letting Dag worry about her "out in the field," and b) using that as an excuse to explore his feelings for her w.r.t. the parental vs. sexual axis?

Wayzgoose said...

Yes. I'm not intending to switch POV, but to let Dag tell what he's found out through Riley. He will relate what happened, not her. It's a good point.