19 July 2006

Sunday, November 22: Philanthropy

Dag starts recording this day as if it is Saturday. He talks about getting up late, but feeling somewhat better than he did earlier. He decides to go down to the office and takes Maizie. He takes the key that Angel gave him and have a go at the laptop again. He also figures that he’d better make sure that he has everything set for executing Simon’s will.

Dag discovers that the encrypted files contain the bank accounts and access numbers for where Simon hid 30 million dollars and where he intended to distribute it. It appears he intended to leave Brenda only what he legitimately had in his accounts. Dag starts transferring funds to various charities and decides to sweeten Brenda’s share just enough that she won’t be encouraged to look any further for it. Then Dag hides all records of anything else that Simon might have stashed away, and transfers the house in Croatia and a substantial account to Angel. Dag feels he’s done a good day’s work when Riley calls and asks him what he’s doing in the office on Sunday.

Dag is stunned. He’s lost a day. He has spent the day thinking it was Saturday and realizes that he is getting worse. He checks his medications and discovers that he has taken the correct number of doses, but he can’t remember anything that happened on Saturday. Is there a missed Dr appointment here? That could trigger Dag’s awareness that things are getting bad and he’s really dying. Does the doctor hospitalize him right then?

End Chapter twenty-two