23 July 2006

Friday, November 27: An Ex Is Paid

Brenda visits Dag in the hospital at his request. She is wearing black and Dag asks if it is for Simon or Bradley. He confronts her with the fact that she’s been sleeping with Bradley, which she doesn’t deny. Dag asks her how it feels to be rid of two emotional entanglements in a week. She responds that she is going for a hat-trick.

Dag explains the distribution of Simon’s estate and Brenda throws a fit. She knows there was more. Dag calmly tells her that when he caught up with Simon, he had been giving away all the funds he’d stolen. Apparently he had succeeded before he died because by the time Dag got the keys to the accounts they were all empty.

Before she leaves, Dag asks her point-blank if she killed Simon. He recites the time-tables of her plane in and out of Minneapolis to meet Bradley. She tells Dag that they were married over 25 years. She loved him to death. Then she stalks out, turning at the door to warn Dag that she is going to get what is hers, even if he has to pay her.

When she leaves, the FBI guy steps out of Dag’s closet and they talk. There is not enough evidence to pin anything on Brenda and Dag failed to elicit a confession. The agent wants to know if the accounts are really empty. Dag tells him that all but one are and gives him the key to it so he can monitor Brenda’s activity. The agent thanks him and they part.

End Chapter Twenty-Seven