19 July 2006

Wednesday, November 25: When I was 16, I knew I would never love anyone like I loved Paula

Dag reminisces about his first love. It was never consummated. It was a sweet and innocent love that was highly charged with sexual hormones, but never crossed the line of sexual activity. He talks of the first touch. Holding hands. Dreaming dreams. And of how he knew that once he made love to his girlfriend it would never be the same again. He knew that he would never be in love like that again.

Then there was Riley. Their relationship had all the same hallmarks of being sexually charged, but unconsummated. And he knew that he had a second opportunity in his life to experience a love like Paula’s. He talks about what being with Riley has meant to him since she first met him. Ultimately, he tells why he never acted on the suggestions, or made a pass at her. It all goes back to telling her she was safe with him and how finding her in danger had caused everything inside him to rebel against the situation and protect her.

End chapter twenty-five