10 July 2006

Tuesday, November 17: Under the Witch's Hat

Dag rents a car and continues watching Simon and Angel. When he sees them leave the hotel with their bags packed and jump into their car, Dag’s suspicions are confirmed. He follows them dodging through traffic to the Witch’s Hat tower in Prospect Park. Angel and Simon park and head up the hill. Dag, much slower, is winded by the time he gets to the tower but finds no sign of either Angel or Simon when he gets there. The door to the tower, however, is ajar, in spite of the fact that the tower is closed year-round. It was a favorite make-out spot for daring college kids when they were there in the 70s. Dag can’t help but think of Brenda in this context.

He pushes into the tower and starts to climb. He hears voices high up above him. A woman and a man are arguing. Dag can’t tell if it is Angel or not. He imagines that Simon brought her here for a look at his youth before they take off. But the tone of the voices hurries him upward, counting the steps as he goes. Dag begins to gasp for air and recognizes that his heart is giving him problems. He reaches for a glycerin tablet and pushes it into his mouth as he hears a scream from above. He only gets a couple more steps up before he collapses on the stairs clutching his heart.

While he is lying there, realizing that he is dying, he hears footsteps coming down the stairs. He can’t bring the face into focus, but a woman is bending over him and kisses his lips. Then she is gone and Dag loses consciousness.

End Chapter Seventeen