10 July 2006

Monday, November 16: Stake-out

Dag settles in to the same hotel in which he saw Simon pick up Angel at. Then tries to figure out what is going on. He decides to go down to breakfast and while there Simon and Angel come in to the café. Simon recognizes Dag immediately and decides on the direct approach, indicating that Brenda must have her hooks in Dag again. Then Simon proceeds to tell Dag why he fled and what he intends to do. He asks Dag to be a part of it.

Dag is not completely convinced, but Simon says he’ll lay the whole thing out on the table if Dag will take over the distribution of funds so Simon and Angel can escape to Croatia, where he has secretly purchased a retirement home. To affirm his intent and show how honest he is, Simon takes Dag to a lawyer and has him made executor of his estate and gives him his will. Then Simon winks at Dag and says, “Just in case I should die soon.”

Dag make calls to Riley, and Brenda. Then he meets Simon and Angel for dinner and he agrees tentatively to work on the distribution, but that it has to be done carefully. He doesn’t want Smiesen picking up any scent of what is going on. I want to make a twist in this whole thing somehow. There is a key element that at this point no one should know who is dealing what kind of a hand to whom. Dag has to be shown to remain suspicious of Simon’s timing, especially thinking that he might run out on him and/or leave him holding the bag with Smiesen.

End Chapter Sixteen