03 July 2006

November 6: Angel in the Rough

Friday night, Dag returns to Stocks & Blondes to track down the elusive Angel. He finally meets her and amid the minor comedy of her trying to get him to have a lap dance and his wanting to ask her questions about Simon, she finally agrees to meet him later at… xyz… Angel tells him that she is worried about Simon and that he hasn’t contacted her in several days. She alludes to the idea that they were going away together.

Dag also discovers another clue at the club in the form of an FBI agent who is asking questions as well. They have a mysterious meeting after which Dag leaves on foot, as usual to walk home. This time, however, he is mugged. As he is being accosted he hears a woman’s voice screaming not to hurt him, but it is too late. The assailant clubs Dag and he hears a scuffle as he loses consciousness.