03 July 2006

November 4: Stocks & Blondes

When money moves in Seattle, you want to be where the money movers are. The last remaining strip club downtown was where the money movers gathered. The club had adopted the name Stocks & Blondes. It had taken just a few hours for Dag to get into Simon’s bank records after he had the passwords. And one reading of where ATM withdrawals had been made to trace him to the chic, exclusive club.

Dag is admitted without issue, even though the club was testing it’s theory that a “members only” club could be exempted from both the state’s no-smoking ordinance and the city’s four-foot rule. Dag started asking questions of the dancers and one said she knew Simon, but if he really wanted to find out about him Dag should come back on the weekend and talk to Angel. She was his special dancer and he dropped a lot of money on her when they were together. Some rumored that they were seeing each other outside the club as well, but the management hadn’t stepped in yet.

Dag leaves after a stimulating conversation and berates himself for his mixed feelings about being there. He goes home and takes Maizie for a long walk, trying to clear his lungs of the smoke from the club.