19 July 2006

Tuesday, November 24: Rescue

After trying to reach his FBI contact, Dag leaves a message and decides to go in. He starts by going back to his office and pulling the blinds down. Then he uses a peep hole to train his new telescope on the building he located earlier. He sees clearly that there is a telescope trained down on him, and that it appears to be Smiesen’s crew that are working it. He watches for any sign of Riley, but from this angle he can’t really see in unless they are at the window. After watching for a long time, he sees Bradley come to the window. That’s when he calls the FBI. He is told that the agent is in the air from Chicago to Minneapolis.

Dag moves to a new vantage point as he is waiting for the call on his cell phone. He goes to the top of the building that they are in and sets his ropes to come off the rooftop to the window he has identified. Once he has established a view into the window, he sees that Riley is tied to a chair and that there is an argument underway. Using surveillance devices that he has, he attaches a bug to the window and listens as Bradley tells the gangsters that they have to kill Riley, too, because she can identify him. Dag is desperate to rescue her. The gang members leave Bradley with a gun to guard Riley and go out to make the exchange with Dag. Bradley makes the call to arrange the switch. He goes to the telescope to watch Dag’s window while he calls him and just out of sight Dag talks to him, then comes crashing in through the window.

The impact knocks Bradley back and the gun discharges. He falls to the floor and Dag unties Riley and rushes from the room. They reach the street and see the gang members running toward the building. Dag and Riley run up the hill into town, with Dag gasping for breath. They are nearly caught when the FBI agent steps out and jumps the bad guys. Dag collapses and Riley catches him.

End Chapter Twenty-four