06 July 2006

Saturday, November 14: My mid-life crisis hit the day I realized that 33 was half-way through my life expectancy

Dag muses about how he had seen statistics that had so shocked him that he started acting irrationally. He bought a convertible, managed to land a college-aged girlfriend, and started going to all the hot party spots in Seattle. He discovered “there was more Scotch under the bar than I could drink.” The girlfriend left him for someone her own age when he started to settle down. She said he was a regular stick-in-the-mud.

He remembers how he felt the first day he saw Riley and how he felt when he saw her behind the wheel of the convertible. Maybe he’d over-estimated when mid-life would occur based on his current health. But he knew that he’d never subject her to the kind of things he subjected his former girlfriend to. And most certainly, he wouldn’t have her around to watch him die.