03 July 2006

November 7: I learned the secret of life the day after my 42nd birthday

Dag departs from the story and talks about his life before becoming a detective. He had been an accountant with an aptitude for computers when they first hit the accounting firms big. He had started in data entry and progressed to Technical Support and eventually to IT management. He talks about a the work he encountered the day after his 42nd birthday and how he discovered that he could answer any question to his own satisfaction. That is, any question except one: Why was he doing what he was doing. The answer, when he finally came to it, was simply that he had never followed his desires to be something on his own. That is the day he left his job and became a computer forensics specialist, first just doing computer recovery jobs, then progressing to the point where he called himself a private detective and as a result had to get a license. What he failed to understand at the time was how that course of action had landed him in a hospital bed with a splitting headache and a police officer asking him questions.