06 July 2006

Tuesday November 10: A Little Cash in the Pot

Dag starts digging further into the computer, and this time uses what he has uncovered to remotely log into Simon and his partner’s server remotely. From there he starts downloading accounting information and his job changes from computer forensics to auditor. The accounting background helps.

Dag discovers the accounts for an import/export business and figures that is the direction he needs to investigate next. Something is fishy with the accounts and Dag suspects that not only is money laundering going on, but that they are embezzling money from the mob as well. He begins to track down the threads that will lead to various Swiss bank accounts.

Dag sends Riley off on another mission, this time to find out all about the Import/Export business and to see if she can track down any of the partner’s travel plans. This time she gets to display some of her computer hacking skills as last time she played the one-on-one role with Angel.