06 July 2006

Monday, November 9: A Partner Calls

Riley, in her typical manner, makes a suggestive comment to Dag in the office. Dag calls her bluff and leaves with her for "Lunch", leaving Maizie in charge of the office. Dag and Riley walk out of the office, but instead of going to lunch, a hotel, or Dag’s apartment, he takes her to Pier 56 and challenges her to a video game match. They have a riotous time for an hour, then get fish and chips and walk back to the office. Simon's partner, Bradley Keane, has come in while they were gone, intent on stealing the computer. When Dag & Riley return, Maizie is sitting on Brad in Dag's office growling. Brad tells Dag that Brenda had no right to give him the computer and that if he doesn’t get the data from the computer, their client will be furious. He especially is concerned that he get the accounts that Simon has, which strikes Dag as odd since that kind of information would be on the company server, not on the laptop. That gets Dag’s interest piqued. (Possible clue: Dag may spot a thumbdrive on a chain around the partner’s neck when he is putting himself back together after Maizie took him down.)

Brenda arrives while Brad is still there and there is a confrontation between Brad and Brenda. It appears that there is something more going on between them than simply the issue of the laptop. Dag resolves to dig a little deeper. He tells the Brad that he will return the computer to him, much to Brenda’s disgust, but that it is currently disassembled. If he’d like to come back in a couple days, he would have it put back together and ready for him. When everyone leaves, Dag reassembles the computer, substituting a mirror drive so that he still has the original.