23 July 2006

Sunday, November 29: Legs

Dag wakes up with tubes in his nose and a weight on his chest. He discovers that the weight is Riley curled up on the bed beside him. He watches her for a long time, then transfers all his biometric codes to her. When Riley wakes up, she tells Dag that he had a pretty bad night and she was afraid she was going to lose him. She isn’t going to say goodbye to him.

Dag tells her that he needs a pair of legs, and she offers hers to him in several ways. Ultimately he tells Riley that there was a hexadecimal code tattooed on Simon’s wrist and that Angel had one, too. Dag believes that they are part of a code that will unlock more of the mystery of who the unknown source of funds was. That might in turn lead to Simon’s murderer. But he believes the code is incomplete. She needs to check Bradley’s corpse to determine if he has a piece of the code as well. Then she would need to feed it into Simon’s computer correctly and track down the real money and the criminal mind behind it all.

Finally, Dag gives Riley his little computer and tells her that she’ll find that she is administrator enabled. The job is up to her to complete. He gives Riley the command that will get her into his server and tells her where the codes for the vault are to be found. Then he sends her out to do the work.

When Riley is gone, Dag sees the kid. It has now been three days since her transplant and she is up and moving. She stops to see Dag and tells him she was afraid he was dead. He tells her that she doesn’t need to worry. All stories have a happy ending. If she ever needs anything, look up DH Investigations, and she’ll be taken care of. The mother thanks him as well and they leave.

End Chapter Twenty-Nine